July 7, 2011

Aquarend Limited offers the following company guarantees:

  •  10 Year Guarantee for Sika Tanking systems.


Please note:

As an approved and accredited installer of Sika materials, we are also able to offer an additional Sika Ltd Guarantee for works carried out using Sika materials.

Any non Sika Approved contractor will not be able to offer this guarantee.

  •  20 year guarantee for all Chemical Damp Proof Courses
  •  20 year guarantee for all Timber Treatment


Specimen copies of the guarantee’s are available upon request.

If required, we can re-assign a guarantee to a new owner/tenant  of a property for the remainder of the guarantee period, for a small administration fee.

If you require additional peace of mind you can request an Insurance Backed Guarantee in addition to our company/Sika Ltd one and these cover all manner of services offered by Aquarend Limited:

In the unlikely event that Aquarend Limited  ceases to trade , CGS or PGA (depending on the works covered and guaranteed)  will provide cover to rectify any problems under the guarantee. 


For more information visit:    


Construction Guarantee Services

Property Guarantee Administration



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